Tuesday, March 25, 2008

That sound you hear

Do you hear that? It is a faint sound, yet one that grows inexplicably louder as the clock unfailingly approaches 2 pm.

What is it? It is a heartfelt scream of frustration coming from deep within the bowels of the library. Oddly enough, it is very near my office.

The cause? A sad little librarian fortifying herself with chocolate (a Kit Kat bar, give me a break) before attending yet another web design meeting. This time it is a sub-committee charged with continuing discussion relating to the new library web page. And we are to meet twice a week!

If we could only do something instead of discuss it, chocolate and frustrated screaming would not be needed. Wanted, of course. Needed, not so much.

I am sure chocolate has latent abilities providing a modicum of tact to the person consuming it. I think it's in the caffeine. Really.

Wish me luck.

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