Friday, March 07, 2008

A view of Spring Break

Today students were gleefully departing campus for points unknown, probably somewhere south to beaches, warm water, and places that serve pretty drinks with umbrellas, to celebrate spring break. This is the sight in their rear-view mirrors; one more snow storm bashing the area with predictions of a foot of snow before it is finished tomorrow evening.

My own plans, though no less important, are much less exotic. A week of vacation time for a quick trip home will begin later than planned due to the outside festivities. Luckily I have plenty of food staples at home and will not need to fight for milk, bread, or toilet paper at the local market. Midwest weather is a funny thing in late February, early March. We have had more snow in the last three weeks than throughout most of the winter.

About now I wouldn't mind a tart green salt-rimmed beverage of my own.

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