Sunday, March 09, 2008

Testing IM over break

In the midst of all the snow excitement I forgot to mention library web page updates are currently in place for the new IM service, Ask Us. Before closing on Friday I tweaked the new IM page by adding the following note: "Navigating away from this IM page or closing your browser will effectively end your chat/IM session." While most students using the service will undoubtedly have multiple windows open, we felt it necessary to place this notice for those who may not. I added the IM service to our "what's new" page and then placed it prominently on the main library page. Allowing for the two hour staging server time, these changes were effectively in place by 5:00 pm on Friday and will be ready for a test run during spring break.

A quick check this evening shows all three pages reflect the changes made. My dial up connection is having issues with connecting to Meebo (sigh), so I'll have to email my partner in crime and have her check things on Monday morning. Another oddity? Using IE6 this evening our widget is a different color, does not reflect the change in name we instituted, and is basically nasty. Viewing the page with Mozilla there are no problems.

In addition to email, I left two offline Meebo messages. May as well use the technology!

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