Monday, March 31, 2008

Alas, no poster(s) for me

In January I sumbitted two poster session abstracts for ALA Annual in Anaheim; one session highlighted the library web site redesign process, the second session was submitted with a cohort and detailed our library chat service (start to finish with statistics). We were to learn our submission proposal fate on or before March 31st, today. Since in previous years I had acceptance email messages a week or so prior to the deadline, I was not overly surprised to receive the following late this afternoon:

"Thank you for submitting a poster session proposal for the 2008 American Library Association Conference in Anaheim, CA. The review panel has completed the review and selection process. It is with regret that we inform you your proposal, was not selected for presentation at the conference. This year the quality of the proposals was unusually high, and we received double the number of applications as we have spaces."

"We hope you will consider presenting your work in another forum or in a professional publication."

Unfortunately my presentation partner, lead contact for the second submission, received and forwarded the same message later in the afternoon. As a result, no presentations for me in Anaheim. I am not particulary looking forward to this CA conference (in fact I have yet to register), but presenting always makes it worthwhile.

There are other options for both of these session topics, the least of which is a state conference proposal due at the end of this week. I am more interested in writing about these topics than presenting them, so I may be looking around for additional publishing opportunities.

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