Sunday, October 21, 2007

Dinner-time post

I finished adjusting the four web page samples from 800 pixels wide to 748 pixels wide. Yes, it meant making new place-holder banners as well but since they were plain white images with text signifying size and purpose; very little artistic expenditure was needed. The whole process took less than half an hour and was not the pain I anticipated. And though I seriously doubt anyone but me will actually notice the difference, it was again time well spent. Now when users go to print the pages it displays easily on an 8 1/2 x 11 page without the need of a "printer-friendly" page.

One of the challenges I am faced with during this design is making sure library staff members and librarians understand the level of talent I have for creating our web pages. As I have mentioned previously, I am mostly self taught. I had one class in grad school with two whole html assignments (learned to code - joy, joy, joy) and last year was lucky enough to take two full day Dreamweaver workshops at OSU. When we looked at academic library web pages we liked, my choices were made with an eye to the source code available. Was the page something I could reasonably do? If not, it needs to be understood that any new skill I have to take time and master before applying adds time to the project. Right now, we hope to have discussions out of the way by the end of this term allowing me to have the entire spring term for creation of the page/pages. If all is on schedule, the new page debuts near end summer.

But, that is months and months and months away.

Right now I am pondering one of the mysteries of the library; when there is an entire first floor of empty tables in the library, why do students always plunk down to work at the table next to me? Really. As a student I would never have chosen to sit next to the reference librarian on duty. Next, I'll be pulling up the WDVE website so I can listen to the Steelers game online (it works and I won't bother any of the students). Finally, I will be pulling together all of the information on my blogging poster session from ALA this summer and putting together the bare bones of my article.

The jumping guy? I found him earlier this evening and he made me laugh.

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