Sunday, October 21, 2007

Not so bloody brilliant

The Steelers are losing 28 - 14 in the third quarter and I have been unable to tune in any of the Internet radio stations to hear the play by play. At this rate, they may still be playing when I arrive home in forty-five minutes - give or take. There is still time.

The Indians are losing 3 -2. I'm not heartbroken with that statement, but would like to see them win. I have been refreshing their web page every so often to get a score. It is only the sixth inning, they have time to catch up and win.

And speaking of time, I have been tweaking the new library web page samples and dithering about if I should find script/code to enter that will update automatically so when the boss changes a page and does not remember to manually change the date ... Guess what? There is a handy-dandy little button on the common elements toolbar in Dreamweaver that will enter that code for you.

I keep reminding myself about not needing to be brilliant, just take care not to embarrass myself. There is still time.

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