Sunday, October 28, 2007

Web 1.0?

Doing a bit of additional blog research this evening I found a blog comment, another blog that now escapes me, which mentioned posting daily to a blog was very "Web 1.0". I must admit to not understanding the author's reasoning behind this comment, other than to point out posting just to post does not actually provide quality information on a blog.

But what if one of the author's blog purposes and/or goals is based upon taking the time to write on a daily basis? Would that still propel the blog into "Web 1.0" oblivion - or - is it making use of the "Web 2.0" technology available? Blog technology is growing and changing. Everyone who blogs has a personal, professional, or other goal or purpose in mind each time they log into their blog and post. Who's to say if daily posting is a detriment to that goal?

Today, I wrote my article abstract, posted to two different blogs, and gleefully watched the Steeler's football game.

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