Thursday, October 11, 2007


In Deborah Freedman's new picture book Scribble, artistic license and criticism take on new meaning for Emma and her younger sister Lucie. An afternoon of drawing culminates with Emma calling Lucie's drawing of a kitty, 'scribbles.' Sisterly mayhem ensues as Lucie retaliates by scribbling on Emma's beautiful princess. Soon the scribbles take on a life of their own as the cat leaps off the page in search of a beautiful princess. Lucie's scribble kitty, illustrated with broad black strokes on bright yellow paper, literally leaps off the page to meet the princess, lovely in her pink castle. Lucie and her cat chase scribble kitty and the princess, equally determined not to remove her scribbles or help the unlikely happy couple. Freedman's water color illustrations of Lucie and Emma are a cleverly juxtapositioned with the magic marker drawings depicting a preschooler's bold scribbles rushing from page to page as Lucie chases everyone, all the while trying to undo her bad-tempered scribbles from Emma's princess. After a frantic chase Lucie is able to remove the scribbles; the girls make their peace and the kitty and princess live happily ever after.

Dynamics between Lucie and Emma are perfectly written and illustrated. It is easy to follow Lucie's own imaginative story as she works, feverishly and resentlfully, to get rid of her scribbles. Emma's older sibling reluctance and grudging admitance that Lucie's drawing did indeed look like a cat was priceless. Adults and children alike who have siblings will find something to enjoy with this book.

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