Saturday, October 27, 2007

Informational overload

The conference was great, with my fashion choices noted and complimented on Friday; but now my brain is overloaded with ideas and information I want to put to good use on the new library page design. Since this project will take over my work life for the next eight months (huh, nine months total, an interesting parallel), I have to clear all of the residual projects from my plate so it is possible to immerse myself in the process.

Today and tomorrow I must write my article submission so the rough draft can go to my boss by mid-week, I can let it settle for a day, and then the final copy should be submitted via email by Friday. It's a plan (yet here I sit, blogging and preparing to go to the bank, post-office, and drug store).

At the conference there were several session on utilizing web 2.0 technologies into library web pages. I was pleased to note familiarity with all of them, had made inroads to utilizing two in particular, and hope to convince the boss several of them are worth inclusion. I spoke with a librarian friend, a web master extraordinaire' who looked at me with pity when I mentioned tables setting up the page. When she finished shaking her head I voiced my idea of using layers instead; a smile and nod of approval followed.

In the very first web session Thursday, discussion concerning the use of tables as a design element was discussed with a bit of disdain (CSS, W3C, 508), guess it is a good thing I had that idea Wednesday evening. Nothing like being hit on the head with a web karma club. Another web session on Friday presented Google search and once again the club swung my way; Wednesday morning I spent time creating a library gmail account so I could utilize this tool. It seems I will be moving forward with the idea after all.

I need a nap.

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