Thursday, October 11, 2007

Mr. Library Man?

I do not remember, and I am too lazy to check and see, if I blogged about this charmingly hysterical question and answer column in The Modesto Bee written by Mr. Library Man, aka Brad Barker a librarian at Mark Twain Junior High School in Modesto, California. The first column I read was "Mr. Library Man wants you to speak up and ask questions." In it he underscored the reasoning behind his column and questions:

"You know the stereotype. Librarians are portrayed as stern, old-fashioned ladies with cat's-eye glasses whose only jollies come from shushing the giggles of children. As an antidote to narrow- minded caricatures, and to perhaps demystify my profession, I offer this (potentially recurring) column -- Ask Mr. Library Man." - (Barker, Mr. Library Man, 8/29/07)

Today's column is "Ask Mr. Library Man: Call number for breakfast is 641.52" and includes a fresh take on some perennial questions asked of librarians. Here are two of my favorite questions and answers:

Q: You know that phrase "information is power"? If that were true, wouldn't librarians be the most powerful people on earth?

A: Shhh! You've figured it out. Librarians are the mighty overlords of the planet. Our low pay (relative to education and expertise) and our lack of public esteem are part of a massive cover-up.

and ...

Q. Is sarcasm a good quality for a librarian?

A. Considering the overwhelming absurdity of the modern era, sarcasm is a basic survival skill.

Thank you Mr. Library Man, write on.

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