Monday, October 29, 2007

email giveth ... email taketh away

Last week I sent an email message to the university web master, it included links to the sample pages created for the new library web page. I wanted her input regarding various web issues (508 compliance, W3C, etc.) and overall design elements as they may pertain to the university web site branding (using the correct colors and similar layout). Since her input was invaluable when creating the resource center web site, I looked forward to a response.

This morning the reply arrived; in part it detailed the web committee request that we use the university branding around our designs instead of the design in question. Additionally, an attachment .jpeg presented how combining (almost "mashing") the two designs would appear on the web. I have to wonder if I expected this response when sending the email. In all honesty, I am not sure. However, I felt the news was not altogether unexpected and all-in-all a bit of a blessing in disguise. Utilizing the university stylesheet would make my job simpler; less issue with design elements, less issue with creating new pages, no problem with determining what color to use, and the interesting offer from the I.T. department to assist with changing over existing library pages. Even knowing we were going to literally 'dump' the existing pages, an offer of student help was intriguing.

With a joy in my heart, and the prospect of this new twist in our redesign making the sky a bit bluer and the sun a bit brighter, I forwarded the message to my boss. Less than an hour later I received a response. In part, the email maintained that there were still several departments on campus not conforming to the university shell and at this point, we would probably remain one of them. My boss was out of the office most of today. As of now, I am unsure as to how we will progress at this juncture.

Wednesday is the librarian meeting. Only one of the librarians has forwarded me information for our next library web page discussion. The point may be moot ...

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