Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Blogging @ lunch @ breaktime

I'm half way through a full day workshop on using Dreamweaver MX, not MX 2004. It's a very intimate workshop with myself, the instructor, and one other participant. Talk about one-on-one learning! There are a few differences between the MX version we are using at OSU and the MX 2004 version I have at work. However, I think the differences are slight and have already learned a few basic things I probably should have already figured out given the number of books I purchased for the library on using Dreamweaver. Must go, lunch is over.

Later in the afternoon ...

The instructor knows her students; we just had a short "snack" break enabling trips to the restroom and vending machine area. If we are to begin working with site navigation, something I am looking forward to learning, I need chocolate (raisinets are fruit and healthier dark chocolate) to survive. I only hope it includes drop down menus of some sort. One of the best resources from this workshop will be the book, Element K: Dreamweaver MX Level 1 and accompanying CD for refreshers. A downside is the problematic issue of much being specific to the web site we are "designing" in class. To utilize the elements, several constraints would be placed on existing design. For example, using the table and images to create a shadow rely on the gif's created for the color palette existing in the sample. I would not be able to work with these unless they are modified for the current library colors. It is something to consider.

End of workshop update ...

I survived the trip back and as usual it took significantly less time for the return. Everyone is always in a hurry to get home, more so than to arrive at work in a timely manner. Next week I may have to leave earlier than 6:45 am because of the annoying logjam on 315 around Columbus. Unfortunately, the type of navigational features I hoped we were going to cover are part of the advanced course next Tuesday. I have signed up for session two and am at this time not considering the third advanced class.

All in all this was a positive session. After looking over the syllabus posted on OSU's continuing education web site, I had considered not attending the beginner class. I was slightly concerned a few of the elements covered would be necessary building blocks for the following week workshop. This was a nice refresher, gave me a few web ideas, and will help with next week's class Dreamweaver MX, level 2.

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