Friday, October 06, 2006

Editing a day off

Doing a bit of computer checking this morning, email, bloglines, stats, and the like, before heading out on this sunny Friday, my day off. Yes, this upcoming weekend is my second, and blessedly last, of the semester to work reference; 10 - 5 Saturday and 3 - 11 Sunday. Probably more than most, I realize even after my requisite whining, that two weekends and two Tuesday evening shifts are definitely not detrimental to my health in any way, shape, or form. I managed a retail store(s) ten years ago (aaargh!). I remember working six days a week and not having weekends off from Halloween to New Years Day. Add in mandatory 12-hour "iron" days plus, if I was lucky, one weekend off a month and the two-a-semester gig is "so bright I have to wear shades". Understanding does not breed happiness, unlike familiarity breeds contempt, so I'm dragging myself through two weeks of weird scheduling muttering and listening to student worker say "you're not here again tomorrow?" Obviously I'm not the only one who has to suck-it-up concerning the scheduling aspects of weekend work.

So, halfway through I'm still looking at off today, working Saturday and Sunday, off Monday, working a 14-hour Tuesday complete with 180 miles on my car, and close to three hours out of the day, driving to and from a second workshop in Columbus and then closing the library that night, and finishing off the week.

I'm also looking at that last paragraph and getting a senior high school english teacher flash back of "one sentence does not a paragraph make." Sorry, but in this instance I think it did. Now, moving on to the editing portion of this post.

One of the checks I did was looking over the collaborative blog project, specifically scanning over some of my longer posts for writing. Is that cheating? Does anyone else look over recent posts and wish they had been written? I have not deleted posts, it seems against the whole blogging purpose, but I have edited a post or two after the fact. I don't edit posts on this blog because it's informal in nature and I am practicing my writing here after all. But the collaborative blog and the book review blog often receive a second look. And yes, I do often run posts through Word before publishing. I don't want to look like an idiot after all, at least not in print.

I'm off to do some of the weekend chores on a non-weekend day. Since I'm the only one off, I only have to please myself with a few of those choices. One of which includes lunch; maybe Skyline Chili is calling. It's funny how a post with little to say ends having 463 words (not counting the Technorati tags).

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