Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Sugar, caffeine and ssshhh!

Three hours in the car today, interspersed with the second of two Dreamweaver classes that included using CSS and navigation bars, ends now with six hours in the library working reference at the main desk. While the class was interesting, enough so that my brain is about to explode with the information presented, the high point of the afternoon was lunch at Wolfgang Puck Express on Lane Avenue (OSU west campus) where I was able to partake of Pesto Chicken and dine alfresco with a workshop companion. The sugar portion of this post includes mention of two exceptionally rich cookies, chocolate and pumpkin sugar, from Cheryl & Company after lunch. These cookies were preceded and followed by several diet cokes (diet pop cancels out the exorbitant number of calories present in the iced cookies). Since I do not usually consume caffeine, three of them resulted in a bit of a brain buzz that was exacerbated by the sugar. The inevitable crash has not been enjoyable, but the head spinning has stopped and now I could use a nap. What about the sssshhh? A simple, pithy observation follows.

Why is it that students never realize they make more noise in the library telling their friends to sssshhh than they do talking in the first place?

Lastly, because the sugar crash is inhibiting my ability to form meaningful coherent sentences, there is a group of young men sitting at the table next to me discussing how they used to be too fat to do flips and cartwheels. One is trying to convince another to do cartwheels in the library. I've suggested they wait until I can get the digital video camera from the resource center so we could send the video to utube. His friend said not to worry, he'd take pictures with his phone and send them along.

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