Saturday, October 28, 2006


Changes? I mean the weather, not the song that is now stuck in my head (wow, it was David Bowie from the 70's! and I don't want to think about why I would remember that from my childhood). Today while I chased my trash can down the alley it was snowing. On the way to the post office is sleeted and hailed. While at the ATM, there was some lovely rain. And on my way back home after snagging some yummy chocolate treats I felt I deserved after paying and mailing bills, the sun was shining. Amidst all of this the wind was blowing enough that there are power outages reported and one of the newscasters said he saw people actually blown over by the gusts.

Today is one of those days I really don't have anything intelligent, witty, or even sarcastic (believe it or not) to contribute to the blogosphere, but I am valiantly trying to keep the promise I made to myself concerning writing at least a little bit every day. Doesn't it count if I posted coherently on another blog? I think so. Unfortunately, I have the attention span of a five-year-old waiting for recess and do not care.

For heavens sake, now all that pop's in my head is that cartoon based on a Maurice Sendak book with a little boy named Pierre who sang a little ditty called "I don't care." It had to have been an after school special thing. Whew, found it. Seems it was a soundtrack from a television special based on Sendak's work and called Really Rosie, one of the songs was "Pierre."

Huh, that will teach me to blog when I am somewhat incoherent and have nothing to say. Even better, blogger won't save or post this entry. My Internet connection has been spotty, to say the least, today with all the windy weather. Either that, or my computer is conspiring to keep me from publishing drivel. Thank heavens there is an extra hours sleep tonight with daylight savings.

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