Monday, October 09, 2006

Web pages and color

I was reading Monkey Bites, one of the Wired News Blogs, Saturday morning and noticed an interesting link to Color Palette Generator, @ What does it do? It will generate a color palette from any picture online. How does it work? "Enter the URL of an image to get a color palette that matches the image. " (, 10/07/06). My interest in this, beyond something fun and new to play with, is the redesign of the resource center and library web page project I will be undertaking sooner than comfortable. Saturday I used a picture of the university web logo and found the color was dark blue instead of purple. A bit stymied, because I wanted purple, I tried the university seal and met with success. I sent the color print out for both upstairs, but since the generator gives you the necessary six-digit hex code it was admittedly redundant.

I'm currently attempting to upload a picture so I can show how cool this site works, but blogger is not cooperating with the process. Usually not an issue, though it takes longer because I use a dinosaur modem connection, I have tried both IE and Mozilla and get error pages intead of photos as the server continues to "wait for blogger."

Uh-huh, I'm waiting. Third try a charm and, ta-da! My PNC Park photograph appears in the upper left corner of this post. I need to publish to give the photo a url and will return to finish the lovely demonstration.

After a bit of cut, paste, crop, create, and impatient waiting for blogger, here is the color palette recommended. Maybe not what I would have selected, but a nice representation of what is in the photograph. I especially like the options for "dull" and "vibrant" presented with the results.

The next few days here will be mostly web stuff as I attend the second Dreamweaver workshop at "the" OSU campus and grapple with setting up a template for the resource center page. I have a rough sketch of what I would like and it entails a photomontage I can use as an image map for the front page. We did get another cart of children's books on Friday ...

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