Saturday, October 14, 2006

Books for me

Shopping for a floor lamp this afternoon, I love Target, resulted in a nice lamp and two books for me. I have just finished assembling the floor lamp and, as usual when combining my skills with this type of lamp, results show an end product listing left a bit. I am going to delude myself into believing it is because the carpet is uneven next to the bookshelves, much simpler than disassembling the lamp and starting over. It could also be because I spent as much for the "five head floor lamp" as I did for one of the books. Whatever the case, my office needed a lamp, I needed to stick to a budget, and in the end we both got what we needed.

I also got a cute Maxx of NY purse at TJ Maxx, it is barrel shaped, amusing, and was ten dollars. I'm not sharing. I put up the old sheers after assembling the lamp, that's enough.

Back to the books; one is older, The Body of David Hayes by Ridley Pearson. It was a bargain bin purchase at Barnes & Noble, I never mind spending $6 for a hardback. The second title is the new Janet Evanovich title, Motor Mouth. I have Evanovich's Metro Girl and enjoyed it but found it very similar to the Plum Series, kind of Stephanie in Florida. I'm hoping Motor Mouth proves to have the standard Evanovich wit and charm without too many Plum elements. Either way, Motor Mouth is first on my read list after finishing my current book.

A miracle post, one under 600 words!

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