Wednesday, October 18, 2006

More books for me

Like many Nora Roberts, aka J.D. Robb fans, I am waiting impatiently for the next installment of her "In Death" book series. This one will feature the birth of Mavis and Leonardo's bundle of joy. Even though I am biding my time reading the recent paperback Circle Trilogy, Born in Death, due out November 7, is at the top of my can not wait to read list. I was THRILLED to get a reader email today with links to an excerpt from Born in Death! I gleefully read it before lunch, sitting at my desk, tempted beyond all measure to print (I didn't). It's a fifteen page pdf and makes me even impatient to have the book in my hot little hand. Here are the links from Nora's page to the excerpts:

Now it's time to go see who got voted off of Dancing with the Stars (I miss Sara Evans), see the murder caught on Criminal Minds, and find out who wins season 3 of Project Runway!

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