Wednesday, October 11, 2006

What counts as a post?

I'm pretty sure updating the sidebar with children's books I will be reading in the upcoming days does not constitute an actual post. This is one of those times when I slightly understand the discipline to write every day when you simply just don't want to do so. In the interest of keeping it short, a few miscellaneous points:
  • It's raining and the weather people said a bad four-letter word .... snow (and added two hateful words, "lake effect").
  • Jerry Springer is still on Dancing with the Stars (why?).
  • Criminal Minds is on right now and I'm missing it (Shemar Moore, dang).
  • It is almost time for the next to last episode of Project Runway (Love Tim, Jeffry annoys)!
  • Someone mentioned the old TV series Moonlighting on another blog earlier today, or maybe it was yesterday. I need to get that show on DVD (used to love Bruce Willis).

That's it, other than to say I did read a book at lunch today. A new one, what could be called a "chapter book," with illustrations by Paul O. Zelinsky. Very nice.

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