Monday, August 06, 2007

And another thing

Later that same day ...

Now I am beginning to wonder about Microsoft Publisher. Why? It is a current MS Office 2003 product on my lovely laptop and chances are it may also return "updated" and invigorated with the rest of the 2007 software. Looking at the big picture forest, this is a good thing. As part of the annoying things to be updated trees, I am now envisioning updating another portion of the WebCT course as well as a few possible issues with a new library lobby sign I just created in Publisher 2003. If it is upgraded, I am lucky some of the resource center computers have not been updated because I will need to open a 2003 document for editing in the next few days (that's what happens with a committee for signage).

As to Publisher, I do not use it as a main processing tool for library brochures and/or handouts. Sure the templates are quick, easy, and often visually appealing; but I have my own ideas in mind when creating library documents. I do use it when needing large signs, size appears to be limitless when you create your own beyond their planned templates. I used Publisher to create posters for the resource center (24 x 36), to make posters for my sessions at ALA (96 x 36), and have had some luck using them for quick, smaller projects (those course directions).

I will know for sure tomorrow. On the plus side, I am getting more practice adding pages to WebCT!

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