Sunday, August 26, 2007

Back to school shopping

My reward for finishing the GradeQuick tutorial, soon to be Edline since the university has purchased rights to the online version, and posting it successfully to WebCT from home (yes, the dreaded dial-up handled my 10 page pdf full of images!) is a short trip to the nearby outlet for back to school clothes. I feel like a whiny child, though maybe cranky is more appropriate, but really want something new to wear tomorrow on the first day of school.

The resource center schedule is complete and I am expecting several email messages from student workers discussing their hours and weekend responsibility. I plan to interview and hire as many as three new workers for the coming year, hopefully as soon as this week but it may be understandably delayed until after Labor Day. As far as the adjunct faculty responsibilities for my WebCT course are concerned, everything is finished. A short meeting with both GA's tomorrow will tie that whole package with a bright red bow.

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