Friday, August 10, 2007

Stormy weather

A quarter past four yesterday afternoon my work day culminated with time spent in the library basement due to a tornado warning. Sirens blared, campus security arrived, and everyone traipsed toward the relative safety of windowless side of the basement. In retrospect, grabbing my computer and taking time to straighten and lock the resource center was not the smartest thing to do with a tornado spotted north of town. We were lucky enough to emerge unscathed, but areas of northeast Ohio and southwestern Pennsylvania did not fare as well with reports of wind damage and flooding.

Thunderstorm warnings were prominent most of last evening and I never turned on the computer, hence a lack of post for Thursday. I did finish reading Beauty Shop for Rent, by Laura Bowers (see her blog, Writing Without the Reins @ livejournal) and hope to have time to quickly post it after lunch today.

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