Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Spending spree

A new academic year generally means new fiscal spending opportunities; office and lab supplies as well as collection development. I am taking a short blogging break from my self appointed task for this week, preparing the resource center for back to school. I have ordered paper, toner (color and regular), printer parts, laminating film, office supplies, and the requisite ephemeral school supplies of poster board, glue, crayons, and markers. Beyond the basics, there is need for a new shredder (account numer safety) and a step stool for the juvenile collection because raising shelves necessitates a safe way for height challenged students to reach their selections. Knowing what to buy is often only the first step and is closely followed by finding the right vendor.

On the fun side, I was able to place an order for a few Ellision dies! Almost completely out of room, I have took inventory and located eleven open storage slots. So in addition to various cutting pad replacements, I have three different types of machines, I selected several music themed dies (music department), flowers and a flower pot, math related dies, and a pilgrim hat. Purchasing new Ellison dies is always money well spent, not a week goes by that someone does not use the machines. During the year it is a daily activity!

Shopping the ALA vendor exhibits, The Stacks, in Washington DC netted me a great catalog resource, MerryMakers. While it has mostly dolls (I would rather puppets), I was thrilled to locate a Chester the Raccoon Doll to accompany Audrey Penn's The Kissing Hand. One of the children's literature professor uses this story at the beginning of each term. She's been making due with a groundhog puppet (don't ask) and though Chester is a doll and not a puppet, he is a raccoon.

Tomorrow I will be perusing different vendors for activity books; Mailbox, Carson Dellosa, and Teacher Created Resources are favorites even if I dislike their shipping policy (charging for multiple ships instead of shipping all at once is not cost efficient or consumer friendly).

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