Thursday, August 23, 2007

And I didn't buy a gift

According to Blogger Buzz, today is Blogger's eighth birthday. I don't think I ever paid attention to how old the blogging software giant might be; however I do know that this is the second blog I created. The first blog I created was for the resource center on June 10, 2005. Five hundred and seventy eight (578)posts and two years later, it is still serving the same purpose and has replaced the "what's new" page on the resource center web site.

"Beginning with the fall 2005 academic school year, this blog will replace the yearly book lists published on the IRC web page. Items, both circulating and reference, will be entered as they are cataloged and available for use. Each entry will have an accompanying heading, specific to the genre. Please note that anyone with a specific book request will continued to be personally notified via email when the books arrive." (June 10, 2005)

That same month, I created a second blog to be used as a project for an educational technology class. Students posted article resonses on the class blog and were responsible for creating their own course reflection blogs during the term. Unfortunately this blog is essentially an abandoned blog. I really should delete it from my dashboard, but I can not quite bring myself to justify it's permanent demise since much of the information posted before and after the course is still relevant in some way.

I started this blog in April of 2006 with a blithley nonsensicle post about spring and driving my car too fast (so, some things do not change all that much). I struggled with it quite a bit until attending the ALA conference in New Orleans. The more I blogged, the easier the process became. Especially after determining a purpose.

In honor of Blogger's eighth birthday I went to the History Channel and checked out what was happening this day in history in 1999: This Day in History 1999: New York Reports first cases of West Nile Virus. Well, it isn't exactly the type of news I was hoping for ...
It did take eight tries for this post to publish.

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