Thursday, August 02, 2007

Weeding pains, growing pains

Weeding hurts, even if it is virtual weeding. After adding Rat Life to my LibraryThing account and inserting the corresponding blog review URL, I noticed several titles missing their reviews. I reasoned in my zest to fully utilize the cool LibraryThing sidebar widget I entered every book I read, as opposed books read and discussed on the blog.

Alas, I remain widget weak.

With that in mind, I used my nifty blog search widget (blogger in draft) to match my juvenile book collection and deleted all review-less titles. It was sad watching them go, but as with actual weeding the end result benefits the collection. Now all of the books in my LibraryThing juvenile collection link back to this blog - and - there is room for new titles to be added. If only my current library project were solved as quickly and painlessly as this one.

I am now almost half-way finished with adjusting the shelving on the 50 section juvenile collection. When I am done, I will have touched every book in the juvenile collection at least twice in the last eight months.

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