Monday, August 20, 2007

A week from today

It is almost unfathomable, classes start one week from today.

The first day back from vacation, whether conferences or actual time away from work, is almost always a day playing catch-up. Though my desk did not completely look like the one pictured, the virtual messages took up most of the morning. I had over 300 email in my inbox, and that was even after checking it three times while on vacation (looking for GA applications) and purging unnecessary items; two different mail bins full of catalogs and inter-campus communication; a small pile of curriculum items to shelve; and oddly enough, only half a dozen phone messages. Add in to that charming conglomerate of fun assisting an I.T. technician with resource center technology inventory (not a big deal and worth the time and effort - especially after she updated ALL of my computers), a small, persistent group of RA's creating their bulletin boards for the upcoming term (the first of which greeted me with,"Word on the street was you were on vacation last week"), and a smattering of patrons wishing to laminate. I was not all that sorry to see lunch time arrive.

The beginning of each year features an all-campus meeting. We get a chance to meet new faculty and staff, learn about retirements and promotions, and have a short "state of the academy" presentation. The meeting was directly after lunch today. A great resource for me, I get a chance to compile a list of new education faculty to contact, I was pleased it was as brief as it was informational.

Today was also school supply Christmas. All the cool supplies I ordered before leaving on vacation (spending spree) arrived. I spent a nice chunk of my afternoon putting away such mundane items as tape, staples, paper clips, post-it notes, pens, and glue - as well as fun things like new colors of poster board and a cross-cut paper shredder that works! Finding room for everything, especially laminating rolls, is always a challenge. But right now everything is full, labeled, and in it's proper place. It looks sooooo pretty.

It was well after four this afternoon before I realized one type of correspondence/communication I had not checked was my Bloglines account. I am used to seeing a large chunk of email and have to admit to being a bit surprised at over 253 new blog posts compiled. Alas, I did handle them in a similar fashion to my email by browsing, saving, and deleting.

Most of my WebCT course handouts have been updated, recreated, deleted, and/or posted as needed. I learned today a piece of software featured on an assignment has been replaced. Joy. I will have to investigate tomorrow and pray for patience if I must begin again. With luck, my Web Advisor account has been updated and my undergrad students separated from my grad students (it helps when grading). And, I may have a GA interview soon. Yeah!

Things are falling into place!

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