Monday, August 27, 2007

Surviving day one

Today was a day full of questions, interviews, library web page issues and scheduling. A surprising number of students, both freshman and "the regulars," made their way into the library to say hello, inquire about job openings in the resource center, and take the time to speak with me concerning said openings.

Questions? The two most frequently asked questions today, after "are there restrooms on this floor?" and "Can I print from these computers?" were, "How do I print?" regarding any/all Microsoft Office 2007 applications - and - "Are you still hiring?" A quick look at the lovely Office Button revealed printing capability on Word, PowerPoint, and Publisher 2007. A smile, the answer "yes," and an application answered the second.

Interviews? Interestingly enough, most of the students requesting applications that came prepared to take fifteen minutes to a half hour to speak with me were freshman. Not just any freshman, but first semester freshman carrying full 18 hour credit loads. I hired two of them and am holding a spot until I arrive at work tomorrow afternoon for a third. I would like to possibly hire a total of four students since I lost one student due to her lack of work study hours. This week and next will have odd resource center hours, but soon we will fall into a boring rut and things will run smoothly.

And, the library web page. Before leaving work on Friday to attend a faculty learning community meeting (technology related), I made sure to update the library web site's hour's page and main page to reflect beginning of terms hours. Since all of our updated pages live on a staging server for two hours before going "live," everything should have been working before the end of Friday's work day. First thing this morning I found out they were live on the staging server, but not on the actual server. Luckily the university web master is indeed a web master; she was able to fix the problem before lunch.

For the first time since I have worked at the library, I do not have a student on staff to cover my lunch hour. Very bizarre. Out of the eight current students, every one of them has class at 1:00 pm on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (really, I have copies of the schedules). I was able to get temporary help while interviewing and hiring. The wonderful person covering for this week is not all that thrilled, but was very appreciated none the less. On the plus side, one of the two new hires today will be able to fulfill the lunch hour shift and all I have to do is a bit of creative hiring and scheduling.

Not so bad for day one. :-)

Tomorrow is my first of two rotating evening shifts. I will have to be sure and tape Eureka and check online for Good Morning America; tomorrow they are announcing new teams for Dancing with the Stars!

Update: 8/28/07
Alas, I was wrong about the GMA announcement for Dancing being on Tuesday(today). Seems that will take place tomorrow (Wednesday) morning.

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