Thursday, August 23, 2007

I am a Roller Coaster!

Oddly in concert with the vicious ups and downs of my week, that has to date included graduate assistant intervivews, faculty meetings and luncheons, library meetings, a plethora of RA's creating bulleting boards, and the ever popular library semester hours update for the web page, was today's Blogthings quiz topic: What Kind of Carnival Ride Are You? On may way to another meeting this morning, I decided to share ...

You Are a Roller Coaster

You live for excitement, adventure, and the most intense of thrills. Nothing is better than feeling you're truly alive, and you're willing to take risks to feel this way. In relationships, people often feel a bit nervous about what they're getting into...

But generally, everyone enjoys the wild ride you take them on. Unless they stay with you too long - then they're apt to feel a bit nauseous!

Your life has more low points and high points than most people's lives. But that's okay - you love them. You figure that a smooth ride is boring! Besides, you know that super high highs only come from knowing super low lows.
You cherish every emotion you feel and feel it fully. Why deny what life is truly about?

At your best, you are loving life and sharing your wild times with everyone you know.

You are able to open your friends up to a whole new world of experiences.

At your worst, you feel extremely disoriented and even a bit dizzy.

There's only so much intensity a human (even you!) can take.

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