Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Still adapting to 07

I have had MS Office 2007 for two days and have found things I like within the new application - and several things that are annoying. All in all I am adapting slowly to Word 2007 and Excel 2007 (used for the previously mentioned spending spree) and am soon to explore PowerPoint 2007, creating course handouts. Here is my list so far:

  • Office Button: Only slightly annoying, this icon provides quick access to what may be arguably the most used fuctions within the applications. Click on the action desired to prceed quickly, or use mouse roll-over to see more options available with the action. I'm finding this to be most useful when needing to save documents that will be compatible with 1997-2003 MS Office applications.

  • Menu Ribbon: Slighly more annoying, this ribbon takes the place of the file menu and smaller icons in MS Office 1997-2003 applications. On the plus side is is visually appealing, the icons are large, and the menu options clearly stated. On the minus side, everything has been rearranged just enough to make it cumbersome finding things I know should be there.

  • Office Button, part 2: A really nice option is the ability to email myself Word and PowerPoint documents in PDF without having Adobe Professional software. You need to have a default email software on your desktop, I was unable to use anything but the campus email, but it worked great. It also appears that attaching these documents in their true application form will be easier as well (no more hunting for a single document, send it directly). I'm a happy girl.

  • Default font: Somewhat annoying is the newly featured default font. No longer Times New Roman, Calibri (11) automatically displays and, generally speaking, it is a nice clean option.

  • Paragraph Spacing and Enter: Very, very, very annoying is the default paragraph spacing of 1.5 in place of 1.0; but it is nothing compared to the web editor like options greeting users when they hit enter. In web editor terms, enter is page instead of break. In Word processing terms, hitting enter is an automatic double space. Right now I am content to use shift+enter to get the desired single break. At a later time I will be seriously disappointed if there is not a way to circumvent this default line break.

Everything is still there and new functions have definite potential. Right now I am under a deadline and just annoyed at things not being where they "should" be located.

Joy, joy, joy, my wireless access issue has now been resolved. The I.T. technician just left and it seems a firewall was blocking my ability to connect via the wireless nework. I am happy to report the signal strength is adequate; at least it is while I am connected to the docking port.

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