Friday, May 19, 2006

5 hours in the car

Ok, so it's not Sawyer Brown's Six Days on the Road ...

It sure felt like six days on the road as I was stuck in the car driving five hours today to and from an IG workshop (see notes to self). Rained the whole way down through Columbus and even worse as I headed over towards Dayton. Even driving like the wind I was late arriving. We adjourned in time to hit rush hour traffic on the way back. It's always amazing to me when I see people reading/talking on the cell phone/having dinner/and all sorts of things in addition to driving 75 miles an hour on a four lane highway. And yes, the lady reading did frighten as I watched her big ole suv with some trepidation as it weaved around the white lines.

Nothing exceptional to report today.

The Pirates are playing the Indians so I'm headed to watch the rest of the baseball game while recovering on the sofa eating pretzels. Heck, it's already the 5th inning.

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