Sunday, May 07, 2006

"Things that make you go .... hmmm"

This time I wasn't even trying to think of a song cue, I was actually remembering an old bit Arsenio Hall used to do on his late night show, but found the C & C Music Factory link. Either way, the thing that makes me go hmmm right now ties in with my scary stats geek portion of my personality.

User stats are provided by blogger that indicate the number of times my profile is viewed. While I consider these somewhat inconclusive, I don't have any counters or other tracking attached to the blogs, looking today I find a couple of interesting things. I've had this blog since April 2006 and blogger profile views are at 74. I can't imagine 74 people being that interested in my profile, but there you go. The number jumps oddly, Wednesday it was 58 and this afternoon 74. I haven't posted that many times here, or on any other blogs with this user name, to elicit 16 people to be that interested in me in a couple of days. Hence my skepticism with the tally. Still, it is something to consider.

I have three professional blogs and I fourth where I am a contributor or team member. These have been on blogger since May, 2005. There are a total of 98 profile views and these numbers are significantly less at approximately 8 per month than the other at 37 per month. Keep in mind this is only the 7th day of my second month here. So, I will ruminate on a few conclusions:

  • The professional blogs all have my name and necessary employment information on the main page of the blog. Unless you are interested in what other blogs I am utilizing, the profile is not needed.
  • The professional blogs are of a professional nature. I know this seems repetitive, but with the exception of the newest review blog, most are simply easy 'what's new' type blogs. The blog topic and affiliation is more important than the blog author.
  • With the exception of one of the professional blogs, people looking at the info know me.
  • Because scholarly writing is not exactly what has been exhibited here to date, I don't have personal information on this blog. There may be more inherent curiosity because of the ambiguous nature of the offering.
  • One of the blogs I have posted to in the last few months has an exuberant readership. ;-)When posting comments using this account log in, my screen name links back to the profile information. So anyone curious can find this blog (I know, I'm nosy and have gone through other people's post links to see).

It is just curious. Now, however, the ghost hunters are debunking a haunted library and it is almost time for Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy.

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