Monday, May 01, 2006

Aaargh: stupid blog

Rant alert: Right now I have serious irritation with my other blogger account!

As previously mentioned, I am working on setting up a children's book review blog. I did some research and crafted a brief collection development policy statement. It, along with necessary links to professional resource sources, is ready to go. Since I would like the page to to appear somewhat newspaperish (re: easy to read with white space), I spent a happy hour at work trying out different templates. I even put up the first review to it would be easy to see how the layout would appear on my larger screen at work and my crt at home. Content that I would be able to slap this puppy together at home this evening, I began the process.


After looking at how the sidebar information displayed, I decided to change the template. No, I'm not THAT fickle, but I am particular about how things look. Going back and forth between different templates (even with the dire warning that any changes made to customize would be lost) is never much of an issue. However, tonight all I get is the dreaded there were errors message. I checked the cookies, the javascript is enabled, and I disconnected and connected to the Internet twice. Still nothing but:

001 No route to host

Well joy. Let's go eat pie.

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