Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Coincidence? I think not

This morning I was shelving a newly cataloged set of curriculum texbooks and withdrawing older editions to make room for new and to follow collection development policy regarding age. Found within the stacks was a lonely picture book that was either simply lost/mis-shelved, set aside for someone to pick up later, or stashed as an overdue item. I took it downstairs to check-in and found it had been marked "missing." Nothing strange in the occurance. Books being marked as missing will happen frequently. Why? The juvenile section is very well used, book size makes shelving more of a challenge (they are slim volumes making the call numbers difficult to find) and patrons are just unfamiliar with the LC system.

Later, I am reading comments on two different author blogs where readers are discussing the long waiting list for their favorite new title AND lost/stolen library books. Must be some bad book return juju going on this week. I started thinking about the varied excuses and reasons given for returning late and lost books to a library.

Surely someone has compiled a list!

Of course they have, here are but a few:

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