Monday, May 01, 2006

What a difference a browser makes

Rant alert: Part deux, limited success ... good news/bad news

As a last resort I decide to pull up the Mozilla Firefox browser and see if it perhaps, perchance, to dream, it makes a difference. Viola! I am able to publish, change the template, and make necessary adjustments as needed using this browser. I have been an IE fan for years, but lately it has been driving me crazy. With Netscape getting rid of the composer element - a great tool for teaching very simple web editing, and IE messing with my blogs, how long until I gravitate to using Mozilla?

This is the good news.

Bad news? The template I chose to use appears to have a few charming CSS flaws, issues, concerns, and/or irritants. Instead of the profile containers and archive sections being a separate entity completely down the right side of the page, this template uses the actual posts to push items to the right. Right now there is only a single review on the page for checking. That means if the container items are more sizeable than the posts, they move. Yep, under the post. Yep, it is nasty looking. Yep, I will be picking another template tomorrow.

This, by the way, is the bad news.

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