Wednesday, May 24, 2006 working

Spent time with my delicious account yesterday and again today. I seem to have uses the delicious tags correctly as I am indeed able to view the sites others attending the blog workshop have selected. The delicious web site has a tag area (see prior link) showing what they call a "tag cloud." It's an arbitrary display, or appears arbitrary, of an alphabetical listing of the most popular tags people in blue. Though I see the convenience of having your "favorites" list with you at any computer, I'm not sure it is something I would really use. Time will tell.

About those tags. If you choose a tag others are using, you then are able to see the sites tagged alike. Is this about having your own favorites list? About sharing your favorites list? Or about creating a community where you can find things you like?

Here are a few tag samples. Keep in mind they have to be single word descriptors:

Speaking of time, I read today that a blog is created every second of the day.

A blog is abandoned every two seconds.

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