Tuesday, May 02, 2006

"These are the times that try men's souls"

I'm sure they try women's souls as well.

Two days into finals "week" and the mood is somber, quiet, almost funereal in nature. Every computer was in use at various times throughout the day with a marked difference from last week. No chatter, no cell phones, no group projects. The only sounds are muted clattering of keyboards, incessant churning of paper from the printer, and muted ipods (we really are going to have a generation with hearing issues).

In keeping with the purveying mood, I find myself unwilling to do tasks piling up on my desk. Finding anything to do that does not require deep thought or significant purpose has moved to the head of the class. Today? I finessed the CSS in that review blog and was gleefully successful in changing font size and getting rid of ridiculous indents when everything should be lined up to the left.

What were they thinking, please.

This evening? I wrote another short picture book review for said blog so I could continue adding sidebar links without issue. Tomorrow? As requested, I will be updating my resume/vitae for the academic review board. That will undoubtedly include much angst. Something to look forward to? Thursday? Dedications for new buildings are to take place.

I've heard unsubstantiated rumors of cake.

Note: I continue undaunted in my quest to publish blog posts using IE. Just in case, the post has been saved elsewhere. Crossing fingers and toes, I hit publish post.

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