Monday, May 08, 2006

"naked conversations"

No, not that kind of conversation. It's a book title, sorry.

In fact, the first line says "If you came here expecting to see a copule of middle-aged white guys taking in the nude, you've come to the wrong book" (Scoble, p.1). I must admit to a bit of relief.

What book? The entire title is: Naked conversations: How blogs are changing the way businesses talk with customers. While I am still reading the other blog book, Blogs, Wikki's and Podcasts, the business blog book showed up on the cataloging cart last week. Since the technical services librarians allow us to tag books we want to read, often before they hit the shelves, I grabbed this one. Heck, they will even check them out for us, talk about service! A library is in the business of providing customer service as much as any other mainstream business. Sometimes more so as people continue to babble about the decline of library usage by patrons.

Obviously people who are never in a library. Please.

I am interested in the premise of the book. I was only able to get to chapter 2 at lunch today (too much gossip too little reading), but learned about the "evil empire" Microsoft and how employee blogging helped to change consumer perception. Much of what has been discussed may be applied to academics and education.

If interested, this post title links to the book's accompanying blog. And, in case anyone wonders, the tin can telephone is a nod to the cover art.

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