Sunday, May 21, 2006

Cyberspace memory

Every once in a while I amuse myself by 'googling' my name to see what appears. Most of it is expected, work web pages, professional list serv's that archive, and now the professional blogs I have or contribute to during the course of a working day. I gave it a shot this afternoon to see how the landscape and results may have changed in the last several months. I found out a couple interesting things:
  • Searching with Google, blogs came up first because of the rate of posting. The more you post, the higher up the chain your results appear. Five out of ten of the results on the first page were blog related. This wasn't all that unexpected since the blogs are on Blogger. But I was surprised to see what blog was listed first and that they beat out entire web sites because of their updated content.
  • The Internet never forgets. I've seen list serv's from 2003 forward, but was surprised this afternoon to see an email sent to a list serv in 1999. Luckily my comments were professional, especially seeing as posting to the list was simply a grad class assignment. Makes you wonder how long posting may follow you around.
  • Blogs came up first only when I used Google. Using different search engines -, Hotbot, or Yahoo - it took a lot longer to find the blog entries. Again, maybe not so much of a shock when the blogs are blogger hosted.

Big brother might not be watching, but he sure has a long memory.

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