Thursday, May 04, 2006

Help arrived via email

After ranting about the numerous emails to blogger support and my subsequent "fixing" of my blogger problem (still a bit pissy about the whole redo my sidebar thing), I have to give credit where credit is due. Late this afternoon I had a live email, as opposed the the canned variety, from a blogger support team member. Seems she looked at my blog earlier in the day to see the problem I was having, only to note I had resolved it myself.

I am chuckling a bit at the irony of her message that in part read; "As the problem is no longer occurring, we are unfortunately unable to further investigate the matter." My muttered response to that was, well duh. Anywho, I appreciate the personal support from the blogger team. I am thankful it's fixed (I have become unnaturally attached to it rather quickly). I will take care when rebuilding the sidebar links. I will move on.

Yes, I know.

Get over it.

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