Wednesday, May 03, 2006

It was gone ... like a freight train

I spent time today trying, without much success, to fix the mysterious happenings on my blog. This morning I was greeted with a big green blob where the blog used to reside. No words, no links, no comments, no clip art, no posts, no nothing. Sure, the green color was lovely, almost chartreuse in hue, but a month's worth of posts had simply vanished. They were gone (see M-G link above).

Interestingly enough the posts remained in my dashboard. I decided to just hit edit and simply republish the posts. Nothing doing. I went into the template area, saved template changes and republished both the index and the entire blog. Still zip. Cranky by this point, I looked at the css coding in the template and noted most of the script was missing. What's up with that? Then I decided to peruse the help pages and send off email to the blogger support team. Maybe there was a cached version somewhere.

I realize blogger support has about a zillion blogs and customers. So when a canned email response arrived, I was happy with the contact. Not so happy to see the links enclosed telling me to view the help pages and let them know if they helped. Sigh. I had already viewed the help pages, done everything listed, and was ready for real help ... hence my email. Three messages later I decided to just pick a 'new' template, in reality my old template, and let it reinstate the necessary coding to invigorate life in my dead blog.


My blog is back, but ALL of the lovely links and personalization in the side bar are toast. I know that was the chance I took when 'changing' templates, but I'm still a bit pissy about having to redo the whole thing. Right now, I've fixed the about me section with my cute little mystery book. Little steps with success.

On the plus side, the clip art, posts, and comments all returned to their rightful positions. What are a few dozen links?


Dulcie said...

I read your posting about your Blog. I am now facing the same problem. My entire Blog of more than a year around 26 postings have disappeared.

What should I do.

I have the template backed up from Blogger

Lynn said...

You may be able to use your template back up to save the format (and possibly the posts).

Before doing anything I'd try contacting blogger first... just in case you might get an answer.